How To Find The Best NFT Projects?

Have you ever wondered how some buffs in the NFT industry make so much money from flipping NFTs? Is it just because of sheer luck or is it because they were able to find the best NFTs project?


While most of these NFTs buffs made it because of luck, a pretty small degree of luck. Others made it because they were quick to find and adopt the best NFTs projects and made very huge profits from them. 

There are some mushroom tokens filling up the NFTs space, which makes it very difficult to know which NFT project is the best and would not lead to immeasurable losses.


If you are looking for a way to find NFT projects that would help you increase the returns on your NFT investment, then you’ve found the right guide.

Here are some ways you can use to find the best NFT projects even before they are launched publicly. 


One of the best platforms to find the best NFT projects at their early stages is Twitter. Aside from that, it’s a very popular social media platform and one of the most important platforms companies and businesses use for networking and advertising. 


Most NFT projects are advertised on Twitter. Not only that, even web artists take to Twitter to show off their collections and creations to their followers and fans. The larger a project’s fan base or followers, the more attention it gets. 

And since Twitter permits links from external sources to be shared on it, it makes it easier for NFT projects to include links to their websites, medium blogs, Discord servers, and other social media sites. 

So if you are aiming to find the best NFT project, you should be on Twitter and follow the right people and the right companies. 



An NFT project’s success is to a very huge extent dependent on the power the NFT community has. If the NFT community is very large, then you can expect to have a very strong community. If the community is strong, then you are looking at a very successful NFT project or one with great potential to be very successful. 

Discord has proven itself to be one of the best apps for building community, although it’s invite-only. 

This has made it almost every NFT project’s choice for creating their community while nurturing its growth and community participation. 


When an NFT project receives very high engagement from its community on Discord, then it stands a very high chance of being among the best NFTs projects.

OpenSea NFT MarketPlace 

This happens to be the biggest emporium for NFTs with projects on Klaytn, Ethereum, and even Polygon. The marketplace is good for finding the best NFT projects because it shows a lot of key information required to know good NFT projects. 

The information it shows is: 

  • The floor price of the NFT project 
  • Number of Special owners
  • Total number of items
  • The number of sales, and so on. 

Knowing all this info about an NFT project will help you determine if the project will be a successful one. 

You can go to these online platforms and know if an NFT project is the best. 

But doing thorough project research and road map analysis would help give you a clue about the project and its prospects.


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